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Rebound Golf Performance (“RGP”) has developed a cutting edge biomechanical evaluation and golf fitness program by implementing the principles learned from years of golf research by Titleist Performance Institute (TPI). By applying these principles to your golf swing, your TPI Certified Instructor will pave the way to your new, improved golf game.

Rebound Golf Performance’s program is unique because your Certified TPI Instructor, Todd Cadby, MS, PT, ATC, CGFI, is a licensed physical therapist, certified athletic trainer, certified golf fitness instructor and avid golfer. With more than 27 years experience working in orthopedics and sports medicine, Todd is uniquely qualified to perform a complete, golf specific physical screening and customize a golf strengthening and flexibility program designed for YOUR individual needs and goals.

TPI has learned that all great golfers, men and women alike, sequence their swing exactly the same, from their backswing to their follow through. Though their style may differ, their sequencing is exactly the same! What keeps the average player from playing like a pro is somewhere down the line, their sequencing strays from what the pros do.

Often a simple physical weakness or limitation is causing this breakdown in the swing sequence. For instance, in order to strike the ball squarely and consistently, it is imperative the golfer hold their posture through the entire swing. But due to muscular weakness through the abdomen and back (the core), the golfer pulls up during the swing or extends his trunk early causing inconsistent swing plane and ball striking. The solution: a golf specific training program that will strengthen the golfer’s core musculature, enabling him to hold his posture through his entire swing.

RGP Golf Evaluation & Fitness Program

  • Evaluation performed by TPI Certified, licensed physical therapist/certified athletic trainer Golf specific physical screens as used for PGA and LPGA touring professionals, now available to the amateur golfer.
  • Golf specific strengthening and flexibility training program created specifically for YOU Accelerated results through TPI Instructor monitored training sessions available at Rebound Golf Performance.
  • Customized print out of your evaluation results plus your golf specific fitness program Your TPI password gives you access to
    your own web page built by your instructor, which allows for constant monitoring of your golf fitness program.
  • See rapid improvement when you coordinate your strength training program with lessons from your golf professional or swing coach You can use your own exercise facility for training sessions.
  • Once you’ve mastered your basic golf strength training program we offer an advanced program to fine tune:
  • Balance
  • Flexibility
  • Rotational Power
  • Endurance

TPI is revolutionary in its state-of-the-art research involving golf biomechanics, golf fitness, and the correlation between the 12 Most Common Swing Faults and their Physical Limitations.

Most Common Swing Faults

Physical Limitation

S-Posture Lower Cross Syndrome
C-Posture Upper Cross Syndrome
Loss of Posture Disassociate/Stability
Flat Shoulder Plane Shoulder/Lat ROM
Early Extension Internal ROM Lead Hip
Over-the-Top Torso/Hip Separation
Reverse Spine Angle Disassociation/Limited R Hip Internal Rotation
Chicken Winging Lead Side Strength/ROM Over the Top
Hanging Back Glute Weakness in Trail Leg
Slide Limited Lead Hip Int. Rotation/Poor Stability
Sway Limited R Hip Int Rotation
Casting/Early Release Lower Body Dysfunction

Todd Cadby, MS, PT, ATC, CGFI

Todd Cadby, MS, PT, ATC, CGFI

Todd Cadby, MS, PT, ATC, CGFI, a TPI Certified Instructor, has been working with athletes as a Certified Athletic Trainer and Physical Therapist professionally for more than 27 years. As an orthopedic and sports physical therapist, Todd is acutely aware of the physical limitations that prevent athletes from reaching their goals. Overcoming your limitations has never been easier with TPI’s cutting edge golf research enhanced by Todd’s expertise in kinesiology, biomechanics, and sports fitness.

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