Orthopedic Physical Therapy
Good, solid, research based physical therapy is what we do! Excellent outcomes in every case is what we strive for. You are thinking, of course, you are a physical therapy clinic…this is what I expect! We provide excellent physical therapy services in a friendly atmosphere that maintains professionalism, but also is an enjoyable place to spend your time. Our friendly staff welcomes you in a comfortable environment and assists you to progress through your rehabilitation. Check us out and you will soon understand Rebound Physical Therapy really is a special place!

Therapeutic Massage Therapy
Our licensed massage therapist works in conjunction with our physical therapists to provide massage therapy to our clients to maximize their recovery. Individual 30, 60 and 90 minute massages are available as well as packages. Please see the massage tab on our home page for more specific information. Please see the Therapeutic Massage page for more information.

ASTYM Certified Soft Tissue Treatment
ASTYM is a revolutionary research based soft tissue treatment that helps eliminate scar tissue resulting in reduced pain and increased function and mobility. Successfully treats plantar fascitis, Achilles tendonitis, muscular pain, stiff joints, etc. The NFL has been using ASTYM on its players to increase performance and extend the careers of its players.

Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM)
The application of Frequency Specific Microcurrent has been shown in clinical studies to help re-establish the injured tissue’s natural electrical charge that becomes disrupted when it has been injured. By re-establishing the electrical charge the tissue is enabled to heal on a cellular level. Our patients have experienced incredible results in the reduction of pain with the use of FSM. More information is available at the clinic.

Fitness Programs
Many of our patients want to maintain the strength and performance they achieved through physical therapy and continue to work out at our facility under the guidance of our staff. We offer packages to help you to maintain what you gained through the physical therapy course of treatment. Sometimes it is nice to come back to a familiar place that is unintimidating, with friendly faces and equipment you are familiar with. If you would like to maintain, but live in a development that has it’s own gym, or you have a gym in your home, we are happy to work with you or your personal trainer or activities director to create a home program to help you stay strong and healthy.

Injured Athlete Assessments
We offer free injury assessments to student athletes. Has your child been complaining of some sort of ache or pain and you are not really sure how serious it is. Bring them in and we can help! We can assist you to determine if they really do need to see a doctor, or if maybe rest, ice, and elevation might be the answer. Call our office to schedule a free 10 minute assessment.

Concussion Testing
The buzzword today in youth athletics is, “concussion”. The importance of concussion prevention and management is essential in athletics today. Unfortunately, concussions occur fairly frequently in youth athletics. We offer a program through Concussion Vital Signs to screen athletes and establish the athletes’ normal brain statistics. If they are to sustain an impact to the head, we can re-test them and help to determine what deficits they have, what area of the brain was affected, and help the neurologists to determine a course of treatment. We have been working with various sports club teams and coaches to reach out and test the athletes and help coaches on the sidelines to recognize signs and symptoms of concussion injuries. We can test whole teams for a nominal fee. Testing requires approximately 1 hour of time and access to a laptop computer.

Rebound Golf Performance
Rebound Golf Performance is an assessment and fitness program that is an individually designed to help the golfer improve their physical limitations and lower their handicap. Please see the Rebound Golf Performance page for more information.

Athletic Training Services
We also offer a wide range of athletic training services. From taping before the big game to setting up an assessment tent at club athletic tournaments, let our experienced staff keep you in the game!

Do you have a need for a physical therapist or other medical professional to talk to your group about sports injuries, back care, or other therapy related topics. Call us and we will see if your needs are something we can help with.

Kinesio Taping
Kinesio Taping is a therapeutic taping technique that effectively helps to reduce pain and inflammation. Kinesio Taping helps to relax muscles and support joints 24 hours a day. Each taping is worn for several days at a time and helps to assist your muscles to function correctly, improves circulation, provides pain relief, and helps to correct injured joint positioning. Whether you are training for a marathon or simply trying to get a good night’s sleep, Kinesio Taping may be a treatment to consider to help you reach your goals. Watch the video below for more information: